Friday, September 01, 2006

All connected

All things in life is interconnected, just like a spider web. Anything you do affects your surrounding and will eventually affecting yourself.

In other word, any move you made within the web will surely makes it moved along. The more powerful your action is, the bigger power resulted from it. Thus, the vibration you feel coming back to you may (or should?) be much stronger than the trigger you've given at first.

Vibe, or vibration or vibrant as used in vibrant facilitation introduced by Inspirit has given me an opportunity to dig deep down within me and helps me to find a brand new way to look at myself in accordance with my surroundings, and the world in general.

Well, the special thing in this form of training I recently attended is how good the facilitator in making freedom becomes addiction. No rules applied in the class. But, I can tell for sure nobody would enjoy missing a session in the vibrant facilitation class.

Missing a session is not only about missing a lesson, but also a bit beyond that term. Miss half a session means missing loads of fun. And for me, every session always ends with no conclusion or even a big question mark in my mind that makes me wanting more time to discuss.

Not a single definition I get in the training. Not a single defined method given to apply when I choose to be a facilitator, all depends on my creative thinking.

To me, it is a step closer to realize my imagination when I read "Toto Chan". Where creativity and persistency leads Tetsuko Kuroyanagi to her success. Hope I don't get it wrong capture her spirit in the book.

I work in groups of four and each member in the group helps one another in creating the best thing to be applied in the group using all the potential exist in the group.

No limitation in the process, everyone in encouraged to think beyond reality. Using their imagination and planning the most appropriate ways to reach it, structured and well planned to make a dream-come-true.

Vibrant facilitation uses a simple but complex approach to spread the vibe till it reaches the deepest part in every human being, the spirit. I don't know whether my spirit've touched by the training but it enlights me in some ways, and ensure some values I've know.

First, the statement "word creates world" itches me so much to have a strong supporting evidence about how true it is for me. I've proven the power of words (this time not the power of love...maybe later) in my life.

Talking to myself, sometimes in front of the mirror only to hear the most sincere solution to any kinds of problems I face. Self-talking also worked well as self-motivation, and once you do that as a routine don't be surprise when you can push yourself beyond your own limit.

Then I think it over. Whalla... Yes, "word is the beginning of world" coz Allah creates the world by SAYING "Kun Fayakun". I don't know where this quotation comes from coz I've forgot where I read it long time ago. I just have it in my mind.

Next, realizing that my life is short the four L given in the last session is quite inspiring. Live, Love, Learn, Legacy.

Live, as up to this moment I still in doubt in deciding the way to make my life worth living. Its time for me to make my life worth living. How? Until the last days of the training the concept in my mind is still blur... will soon be clear as I find the focus.

Love, in terms share and showing my love to people I love. Love comes from within, and love vibe is irresistable. My part only that directly depend on me, to hell with the response. No such thing as desperate to have the one I love loves me in return, coz that doesn't really matters. I believe in love, always.

Learn, I do believe that life is learning as much as I can learn anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Leave Legacy, is a matter of being something more than nothing, even just a bit more than nothing. I don't intend to make history. I only want to leave people behind with a smile upon their face. When I die, a sudden cry is fine but not a long term grief regretting my death. I'd live a meaningful life.

I am selfishly want other people think like me, that die young and leave a legacy is really good. So, part of my current effort is do something valuable enough as a legacy so anyone missing me can easily finds me when I'm no longer around.

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Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Dalam surah YAA SIIN ayat 82. Confirm you're a muslim. Alhamdulillah. It's good to know another muslim from another part of the world.

Sorry about your 'sister' yang memilih kristian sebagai anutan dia. Biarkan dia dengan agamanya, kita dengan agama kita - roughly translated from AL KAFIRUN verse 6.