Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Things will be just fine...

Year 2007 is here. It comes to be filled with meaning. Life goes on, as I'm paving my way to reach my dreams. Be a person with integrity. Live, learn, love and leave a legacy... So I won't regret even if I have to die young.


ERIK said...


I don't want you will die very young. I hope you will have a long and happy live. Thanks for visiting my blog and have many pleasure in writing in Helium.
I visited Indonesia many years ago but it is the most beautiful country I ever visited.


agafya said...

I'm not a dying girl, though the entry sounds quite like one..
Thanks for your prayer. I like your writings, how can you write those??
Come again, to Borneo, the island where I live. Live long, and take care