Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sedang baca..(something) is a way to say one is reading..(something) in Bahasa Indonesia. Yes, I'm in progress reading a "heavy" book at present. The book is not too heavy though, only 310 pages. But the discussion in the book is heavy, written by Hikmat Budiman. The title is Lubang Hitam Kebudayaan, or The Black Hole of Culture. The small fonts and the plain layout of the book often makes me sleepy. But, I find the author's narrative quite interesting. So, I mustn't give up! I must finished reading this book before Ambo--my "junior" in Kompas Borneo and the borrower of the book from his campus's library--came back from his hiking trip.

After this, I'd reward myself a huge bundle of Naruto manga :). I've found out exactly where to find and borrow them, nearby my ex-high school!!


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

A cartoon fan no doubt.

Another tips, put "_blank" tag after url so that it will open to a new window.

flowerdave said...

i learned a new word today , i think it means cartoon
peace FD