Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday again...

What do you do to spend your Saturday night? Well, thanks for asking, I'm writing. For my blogs, as I have two blogs. This one and the other in yahoo360. To put another article in helium. And adding someting new in a community blog, and translating new article in the organization's website. The NGO I worked in.Walhi Kalsel.

Loads of activity. But that's not all. I still need to fill in my journal, to make plan and action plan of a new project I'd conduct with Bang Viky. I and him are planning to have our small voluntary service, consulting and facilitating people to deal better with the world in their own way.

We're still look for the formula to share that value, but one thing we both are learning now is from Covey's the 8th habit. And this morning I've contacted a life coach from Malaysia, Mohd Rizal H.,to ask for his advice from his experience as a nationwide facilitator.

hope things run well tonight. And I've got the electricity. Cos recently in my town, the elctricity on and off se-enak udelnya!!

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Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Maap mengenai gulai. InsyaAllah, gulai akan di hidangkan nanti seadanya. Maklumlah, hujung minggu. Kenduri yang perlu dihadiri, saudara mara, teman taulan yang perlu di layan.

Happy weekend to you.