Saturday, March 31, 2007

Have a farewell party tonight at Kemang food fest, a food fest in the bunch of food stalls all along Kemang street In Jakarta. Kemang is widely known for the food stalls, clubs and cafes. The farewell party for the participants of the resource mobilization training and the National Executive staffs of Walhi.

We're in complete formation. All the six participants are here. Bardan, Ponco, Dita, Ipang, Dessy and myself. The facilitator, Agi also come. Desty the facilitation's notulen, Utut the committee buddy, the resource mobilization's manager of Walhi, Estee, Igor the "bojo" of Estee, Randu the media girl, Bang Dalil,Dodo and the chairperson of Walhi...Bang Chalid, the executive director himself.

We spent great times together. Each of the participants get a DVD from the director. And everyone involved in the training awarded a star by the facilitator and the Manager...

I'm leaving Jakarta on Saturday evening. Have a home trip to meet my lovely parents in my home village right after I reach Kalimantan and then get back to work on Monday!!

Enjoy my times in Jakarta...Hope to be here again soon...

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