Friday, March 16, 2007

I don't care what date today is. I just want the world to know I love my mother. So much!! She's the best.

I've just visited my parents today. I spent one night in my beautiful little village in Central Borneo. A village named Anjir Serapat, about 40 kilometers from Banjarmasin. Very close to the capital city of South Borneo, but a part of another province indeed.

I went home for regular but unscheduled visit. I came home to meet my parents as I'm going to have an intern out of town for two weeks. The big surprise is I found two bad news my family is trying to Mom tells me not she doesn't want to make me worried, but I DESERVE to know...

One, my father's right foot is injured. Deep cut caused by "tajak", a thing most farmers in my village used to clean the grass in the rice field. Used by swing it like a golf stick. The long sharp edge hit my father's right foot. He's got the skill for years, but that day my Abah was just missed something.

Second, My Granny -- older sister of my real Granny-- is in our home at the moment I came. She is ill, due to stroke. She cannot walk without my Mom helping her. Her at home, means my Mom has two mother to take care of. Plus my injured father, and my naughty little brother must have been quite a burden. But, she keeps on smiling.

My tough mother. How I love her so. Made her cry as I said it when I leave this morning..


Ela Bona said...

i feel the same way now at my hometown too (4-hour drive from davao ciry where i work)..just arrived noontime today. will be going back to davao on monday...home sweet home...:-)

Ithoy said...

Home sweet home...the sweetest!!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Hope your Abah and GrandMa get well soon. Mother are always like that, still treated me like a baby. Will not let anything bad to happen to me. I love it, I'm still her baby!

Enjoy your flight, my friend. Hope everything goes your way.

I'm happy for you. Really am.

Ithoy said...

Thanks Bang Man..
Amin for your prayer, send my salam to your Mother.