Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another year passed in my journey towards integrity. In fact this year is the year I found the word INTEGRITY and intend to make it part of my identity. Many things to cherish, new friends I made, and unforgettable things have fulfilled my journey...

The life-changing point was when I joined a Training of Trainers for Environmentalist Training in Surabaya, June 2006. I was really inspired by the facilitator. I learned many new things from the training. And finally able to put vision into my life, to be a great person that makes a great facilitator. A person with integrity, whose integrity can vibe the surroundings.

Then, I almost drown into journalism. As I really enjoy writing and really passionate in being able to make great narration and trying to be good at investigative reporting when I was a journalist learner at KBN Antara biro Banjarmasin. Especially after I participate in Mining workshops for Journalist held by Pantau Foundation and Intitute of Policy Dialogue (IPD) in Balikpapan East Kalimantan, September 2006.

No longer as a learning-journalist in KBN Antara coz I choose to focus on my NGO life and the facilitation sessions I have with Walhi Kalsel and its Green Student Movement. But still keeping in touch with my journalism mentors. Love writing, and will keep on writing till...I don't know till when, till death perhaps.

The biggest event I joined this year is Asia Source 2 in Sukabumi, January 2007. I meet more than a hundred great people from different parts of the world, make friends with them and still connected through the camp's mailing list.

The latest, I made another bond to people shares the same interest. Not too many. Only with the participants, the organizers and the facilitators of resource mobilization training and the links caused by the training. Including Ika and her ideas and DJ Cirdec (as Ika invited us to his 'show' at Ruang Rupa), Togi and his designs, and Nia with her loving community.

Meet new friends and make a new connections though never meet on real world -Pak Bondan, Om Adi, Bang Man.. and stay in touch.

The chance I get wouldn't be this real if I don't have the most supportive family on earth!! Mama and Abah who truly believes in me, and the proud eyes of my little brother. Nini, my Granma that keep reminds me to stay on track...sometimes with really annoying tones but true ones.

Last but should have come first, the friends who have been with me through this journey. Almost always..both in good and bad times of my life. All the names I keep mentions under the huge family of Kompas Borneo Unlam, school and college best-friends and Rangga (despite the fact that we never meet since my last day at the facility in Mataram and it was almost three years ago)

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