Sunday, April 22, 2007


I've recently watch this movie, Eragon. One thing I remember as I feel a little odd in the movie is the "e" on Eragon's and Brom's palm. E for Eragon I can understand, but why Brom has the same "e" on his palm?

Never mind my question. Maybe I just need to watch the movie once or twice again..:)

Eragon, as a dragon rider has a mark on his palm. The E. Well, I started thinking to have the E as in Eragon as a logo for our Environmentalist community...E for the environmentalist..

E for the earth day. Which is today. The 37th, if I'm not mistaken. And my earth day is filled with an extraordinary training session with girls from Akademi Keperawatan Gigi (The dentist academy). They are all out today. Making great drawings, and sing a joyful jingle for their presentation of ideal environment in the future.

All training participants are girls. And today quote is "patient". These girls has a mission in disguise as they participate in the training, when we shared expectation as we involved in the training. In addition to their care towards the environment, they're looking for dental patient. Wee..hope I can get free braces from these girls :P

Welcome you girls, the new squad of Enviromentalist..the part of Green Student Movement.

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