Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Whizzy mailing by setting filters.

Whizzy... I'm using the word again. This time in the context of whizzy e-mailing by setting filter to both of my e-mail accounts. Yahoo mail and GMAIL the Google's free webmail service.

Yahoo is my first e-mail account. Gmail account since 2005, invited by a friend...coz in order to have a gmail account, you need to be invited by somebody. I have Mas Jojo invited me prior to our trip as electoral observer to Afghanistan. It was around August 2007.

So, what's so whizzy about setiing filter to my e-mail? Umm, first I need to make clear that the term whizzy is according to me. A truly really is a non-techie person (was the sentence grammatically correct?). So for most people I'm not really doing a big thing. What I'm doing: SETTING FILTER, PUT LABELS, CREATE MAIL FOLDERS and let the filtered mails skip my inbox. So the e-mails from several mailing lists I joined would go directly to their own folder.

It's just a simple stuff available in the mailing service that I've recently found out as I'm trying to manage my inbox. So many unread mails in my inbox are left unread because they are buried in stacks of mailing lists and newsletters. Some of those left unread are the important ones...Yay, wish I knew this feature earlier... Never mind. Now I know.

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