Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Speed-Geeking...2 Amuntai

Today I just wanna put one of my biggest fun during AS2, THE SPEED GEEKING. Why speed-geeking? For me, speed geeking is a great way to share a lot of information efficiently. A session in which all the participants gathered together, shares what they have in mind within 5 minutes presentation. So, the presentation would have to be as clear, sharp and and simple as possible in order to be finished and understood within the 5 minutes provided.

And I plan to implement it in my session as I facilitate the environmentalist training. InsyaAllah, the next weekend I'm going to Amuntai with the Green Student Movement/GSM's training facilitator to have a training there.

For the environmentalist training, speed geeking would fit to replace the ordinary discussion as we facilitate the participants to talk about the current environmental condition (on their here and now perception). Or, even work well as the participants has their own green-ways of life to be shared/promoted...

We'll see later on, as speed-geeking is wide open for anything --knowledge, skill share, attitude campaign--you can explain within the time frame provided (Ideally 5 minutes).

Details on speed geeking is here: aspirationtech dot org

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Carmela said...

haha..i clearly remembered AS2 speed-geeking..and we also did it in track 1...goodluck in your training..happy speed-geeking! :-)