Thursday, June 07, 2007

Unseasonal rain!

I've always love rain shower. Even when it comes not in a perfect place and at a perfect time. Or in other words, unseasonal rain!

Outside..its now raining. No tears from my eyes, cos rain always brings me to happy times I've been through.

As a little girl, I really love to play under the rain. Playing mudfootball with my neighborhood boys. My mother let me, and prepare warm clothing and a cup of sweet warm tea for me. Because although I have the courage to play under a heavy- rain shower, I'm still a little bit afraid of the thunder. Lightning's fine, but a thunder...No way!

Grown up, I still love the rain. Rain shower makes me feel alive. And, simply watching the wet soil after the rain can make me smile. I also love the fresh smell of the rain.

Rain also helps me recover faster... Some bad days a teenager feels better after a contemplation in front of my journal, write down all my uncomfortable feelings as I listen to the sound of the pouring rain...Like Celine Dion once sang 'Let the rain come down and wash away my tears'

Not too good to be shared here...Heavy rain brings bad smell, yet unforgettable memory during Asia Source 2 camp in Sukabumi. I bet all of Track 1 participant still can recall the smell *giggle*..And, actually it's not only the rain's fault...guess it's due to some silly cats pee on the carpet. Yikkh...

Now, this unseasonal rain is an indication of climate change. Still, I love it somehow.

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