Monday, August 13, 2007

Evaluation is...


When you asked someone as if they are being evaluated, they'd probably trying to put a fake face before you. Somewhat trying to make you happy....
So, conduct a relax conversation instead and let them tell you all things you need to know. And at the same time, get a bonus of things you don't really want to know. He he

That's what our evaluator did these past two days. We chat and tell stories, because he came as a friend. He's still doing his evaluation for he keeps asking questions. All wrapped in a smooth conversation.

Anyway, he's still have that facilitator attitude despite his evaluator role. :)
He's still Om Dani that is wiling to listen. Actively listen and giving us some advice too. *BLINK*

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elabona said...

yeah..i agree...if u appear as an 'evaluator' then you'll never get what you really want. so be as normal and natural as you can be.. ;)