Friday, August 03, 2007

Holistic Health

Cherish every small blessings you got, that's how you'll get content in life. Don't sweat small stuffs, that's to keep your emotion at a balanced state. Keep your mind clear, learn and read everyday. Put on a smile. Live a healthy life by eating more vegetables and doing physical exercise regularly. Try those, and keep your beautiful youth look longer than you've ever imagined because you've got a holistic health.

A person to prove my statement, Chandra Kirana, we all call her Mbak Kiki. She's still slim and beautiful despite her activity as an activist and a mother of four children. She's been involved in environmental organization since she was still in college. She joined a nature lover organization then. And she's been working with Greenpeace too.

Be healthy, holistically. A highlighted point of my conversation tonight with her. And sitting next to her on our dinner, she shared her happiness to me. She showed me pictures she kept in her cell-phone photo gallery...Pictures of all things that made her smile and made me smile too. Should it be the most important thing in her life (her husband and children), of simply a close up of a blossom blue lotus she kept in her garden back home.

Half of the office (maybe more...he he) went dinner with her. And we're having such a great time together. Tomorrow, she'll be the source person for a Focused Group Discussion here in Walhi South Kalimantan. Nice to meet an inspiring woman like Mbak Kiki.

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Hi. This is John. I am very much impressed with you thoughts. I like your concepts. People should be positive in mind. He should keep his mind and body fresh.



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