Thursday, December 07, 2006


I've just learned a new word this morning. WHIZZY. Get it from my GURU of Facilitation blog, it means technologically innovative. A very useful skill for a facilitator to have.

So far, I've never really interested in "technology". I prefer to to assign those technologically-related tasks to someone more competent which then makes me dependent on those I call smart people.

In the technologically innovative, seems I'm not whizzy. Its not easy to admit that I'm Ga-Tek. Tecnologically illiterate. But, as I posses the strong will to go beyond my own limit of good state to be great I'll start learning this whizzy stuffs.

But, there's a comment for that blog entry from Karen who wrote "whizzy is an important state of mind and body for anyone who believes things can change". Nah ini gue banget! So truly me!!

I believe things can change. I'm whizzy!!

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