Friday, December 08, 2006


I've just attended a journalists workshop held by Pantau in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. A mining workshop in which Keith Slack (Oxfam America), Mas Buset from Pantau Foundation and Bang Uding from Walhi Kaltim.

All of them have given me great thing to share here back home. But, I'm a bit nervous coming back to my workplace, Antara News Agency the Banjarmasin Branch. Yeah, I only exist in this office though. I mean, I'm not yet registered in the national office administration... And after the training I had in this national news agency, although I love journalism so much I prepare to leave the office.

I've been very naughty (what I've done really makes me uneasy to hold on as tight as before to my journalist profession...hiks), leaving the office for almost two weeks now. Before the training, I went to join BKKBN survey team to have a field data gathering for mini survey of active users of family planning contraceptive in Kotabaru Regency, and I went to Balikpapan right after doing the research.

No matter what happen next, quoting Bill Kovach from Committee of Concerned Journalist, as I have printed on the workshop's t-shirt "Journalism is the closest thing I have to a religion". I love this new world I've just found, and I'll keep on writing.

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