Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Facility

Today I visited a facility, a home for drug users to recover themselves. It is located in Banjarbaru, about 35 kilometers from Banjarmasin the capital city of South Kalimantan.

I'm going with Endah and a team from Garcinia Mangostana of PKBI Kalsel (Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association in South Kalimantan) to join a campaign regarding the International AIDS day. The aim is to let residents of the facility understands the importance to get themselves tested. And if anyone would like to get tested, there is a VCT programme for them. VCT programme or Voluntary Counseling and Testing is a way to reach as many people as possible voluntarily tested for HIV.

What impress me so much in this second visit (previously I went to the facility to join AIDS candlelight memorial in May) is the brotherhood of the residents. All of them (more than 20) are refer to one another as brother or bro. And the most common greeting as they begin to talk in forum is, "Good afternoon family"

I noted a philosophy written in the prayer room of the facility. Below is the copy, incomplete but I hope I've grab all the meaningful part.

I am here because there is no refuge
finally from myself
until I confront myself
In the eyes and the hearts of others
I am running
until I suffer them
To share my secrets
I have no safety from them
Affraid to be known
I can know neither myself
nor any others
I will be alone
Where else
but in my common ground
can I find such a mirror?
Here together
I can at last appear clearly to myself
Not as a giant of my dreams
Nor the dwarf of my fear
But as a person
Part of the whole
with my share in its purpose
in this ground
I can take root and grow


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

That's mean they are using TC Therapeutic Community). Saya pernah mengikuti program TC. Bagus untuk mengenali diri sendiri. InsyaAllah, kita tahu dimana kelemahan dan kekuatan diri untuk menangkis penangan dadah.

Seronok dapat membaca post, Taibah. Dan saya juga tidaklah tua sangat hingga dipanggil Pak Cik. Sudah tua ke saya?

Ithoy said...