Thursday, December 14, 2006


Two days ago I find out that my best friend, as close as a sister I've never had, has chosen another belief. She is now a catholic. Today I visit her for a pilgrim. I feel like I've lost her. I come to show my gratitude to her. I respect the way of life she chose to live. I let her as I cannot take her back. For me my religion, for her her religion. Maybe it is the best for her...

A quote from Dr. Stephen R. Covey, in The 8th Habit : From Effectiveness to Greatness
Your power to choose the direction of your life allows you to re-invent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation.

Does she know it? She chose to change her life's direction... Is a way for her to re- invent her self, to change her future and to powerfully influence the rest of creation?? Only one thing I know for sure, she did change the direction of her life. Extremely.

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