Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Asia Source 2

It is my last hours at Asia Source 2 Camp in Yawitra Sukabumi. Enjoying the track1 lab for maybe the last time. Dangdut song from the hall as the background.

The camp really is something to me. It is great and what I love very much about the camp is the learning process occuring through the ten day I spent here. I grabbed lots of new information, knowledge and IT basic skills here. Also new friends and cultural exchange with sooooo many interesting experience.

I'd like to share more stories, but it 's time for the happy campers gathering!

More about the camp at the camp blog


Anonymous said...

Ithoy Is this about you!?? ☆★☆

Ithoy said...

But I'll delay the journey to Mars till I've travelled all the place on the surface of the earth..:B