Tuesday, February 13, 2007

B' Jumping ala KBU

Blogging again. It's been quite long since I post my last story. Been busy these days :)

Actually it is a story happened about a week ago. My friends in Kompas Borneo Unlam went on a bungee jumping. Not an ordinary bungee jumping though, because there's no such entertainment here in South Kalimantan. They do a bungee version of their own. Jump down from a point in Jembatan Barito, tied to a dynamic kernmantel and swinging/hanging down the bridge and climb the kernmantel using the classic prusiking technique. Hope I make it clear.

Well, the bungee seems to be a great thing for the sake of adventure and really worked to raise adrenaline. I'm just a spectator but I feel my heart beats faster as I see one of my friend, Jaksa jumped down the bridge.

He survive, safe, and go up the bridge in one piece. Fyuuh... I'm relieve and interested to try the bungee jumping ala Kompas Borneo Unlam...

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