Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today, I found a new term -severe loneliness- as I watched the Rugrats. I've seen Rugrats several times, as I have a younger brother a fan of Nick's cartoons. And what is interesting about Rugrats is sometimes the babies--main characters--talk or involved in exploring a "heavy" issue. Like this episode I've just watched, in which I found severe loneliness. I didn't notice the title of the episode and I didn't watch the full episode of the cartoon either.

But somehow the clips of the cartoon I happen to watch makes me think over the term again, and makes me curious to find out what it really is. As far as I can connect from the cartoon, severe loneliness is a state of mental condition in which a person choose to be alone and enjoy loneliness because the person is totally engaged with loneliness for some reason. It can be worrying for some reason, and at certain level it may cause some deviated behaviors.

In the context of the cartoon, the term arise as Chucky's father misunderstood little Tommy's behavior. He translated Tommy's action to look for a missing ball in a bush as the the way Tommy purposely do, to express his severe loneliness and avoiding the crowd of other babies. He thought so because little Tommy is left with him as his parents went on a wedding anniversary holiday. In fact, due to his over-expressed attention to Tommy made his own son feel abandoned and Chucky begun to be a trouble maker. (I think, instead of Tommy it is Chucky who gets the severe loneliness)

As I googling to find out more about the term, I find an entry connecting severe loneliness with one's addiction to pain either physical or emotional that he/she can not give it up. I then trying to make sense of the entry with my own experience.

To me it makes sense that sometimes what is really meaningful in my life is the pain I endured. But then it makes me think, do I feel the severe loneliness today? As I have no date? I don't think so. At least though I do feel lonely, I have a positive thing to do to fill out the day fully. Working, socializing--I've dinner together with three friends--, chatting on the internet, writing this post, and within several minutes going to bed...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Unfortunately, I'm not part of the people celebrating the day, coz I join those who say express your love any time of the day since you never know whether the next day you still breath or not...


flowerdave said...

you are never alone , there are alot of us out here in cyberspace, i hope you have checked out our blog at
peace , FD

Ithoy said...

My loneliness is not the severe one :)
I believe love's around me. From my friends and family and you all..
Checked your blog and the group's blog too..

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Good fellow, FlowerDave. Did you see my chick(en)?