Thursday, March 22, 2007

Resource Mobilization

I'm in Jakarta. Here for a training and workshop held by the National executive of Walhi. It is training for resource mobilization staff. Mainly human resources of Walhi, the friends of Walhi. People who supported Walhi in their own ways. Volunteering or donating.

I've been here for five days now. Since last Sunday. And today is the fourth day of the workshop. Get another new things today. The class got a special guest (again!, yesterday she came here too). Ika the peniti pink, came as a friend of Walhi. She came to share about food not bombs movement. She's cool. Really is. She tells me she owns 6 blogs. Wow! Yeah, as we enter the pepi (Peniti Pink is clipped into Pepi) blog, we'd find the link to her other blogs.

With Ika, today we're watching a film about food not bombs event in Malaysia. Have just finished watching the movie. And now sitting in front of one of the office's computer, blogging, chatting and browsing. (wuih.. need a good partition to do such things at once..hehe)

Yesterday Ika also came. She shared about zine to us. And we were really surprised as we found out that one of the participants of the workshop, Ipang from Makassar, is a contributor for Ika's zine.

Great days I've spent, great people I meet. Another step towards environmental justice for all. And in Walhi, "Fundraising is friend-raising, a gentle art of giving"

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Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I'm so happy for you, my friend. Just don't forget the little fish like me when you're 'somebody'.

Keep on learning.