Monday, March 05, 2007

Lunar eclipse. Thats our topic today. This morning I was viewing lunar eclipse from a hillside of Mandiangin. Mandiangin is located in Tahura Sultan Adam, about 30 kilometers from Banjarbaru, the city I live in.

Along with two friends, Ul and Mala, that makes three girls go camping together, I insist to go although the weather don't seem to be good for sky observation. It was cloudy then. Fortunately, closer to midnight, the sky gets better and I can see the moon much clearer than before.

When girls go camping, chatting and munching dominates the activity, hehehe....We're lying in the open air under the moon, chatting about almost everything as we wait the eclipse to come.

We munch rambutans, choco bar and diet crackers. No diet at times like this. But, we still feel we need to have healthy foods. Chocs, off course, is one of the healthiest food of all! We need the calories for our hill-running in the morning

Not enough with the "light" food we muched, we then have our midnight meal. We bought "nasi campur" on our way to the camp ground. A full portion of rice with fried vegs and fried chicken. Yummy..

Too bad we're not bringing gas stove... so we have to satisfied with lemonade and cold coffee...hiks..some foodstalls nearby the camp ground wouldhv provide warm drink, but we are too lazy to move and we prefer to stay out of the crowd. Mandiangin is quite crowded, especially in Saturday night. As it is not too far from Banjarbaru. Even sometimes, people from Banjarmasin also spent their Saturday night there.

Lunar eclipse starts as we prepared to go uphill to see the sun rises. We leave the campground at four in the morning. The eclipse starts at 04.40, almost five in the morning. But, the moon already sets in the horizon before all parts of it gone with the eclipse..So here in South Kalimantan, I cannot see the total lunar eclipse.

However, its a great night for the three of us. Before going back to the town, we have great bath in a whitewater mountane spring of Mandiangin. Only the three of us, enjoying our natural spa and the healing power of the stream.

Lunar eclipse and sunrise by the hillside, great weekend spent with close friends...and all night long (almost!) chatting and munching, plus (almost) all day long revenge sleep. One of my greatest weekend. Things I should treasure in my journey!


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I wish I could be with you gals. Spending the night in open air does sound great.

Keep on posting, my friend.

p/s about my new blog - I'm still thinking about the layout.

Ithoy said...

Bang Man, It was great. It would be much greater to hv you with us last night. The more the merrier!!
Shall we, someday?