Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to work. All day long meeting. Morning, meeting for programming and evaluation. Here, We talked about all activities we've done in the past three month. In sharing session, we have brief presentation of events we attended. I, off course, shares about the great Asia Source 2 camp! This is the one and only formal session in which I talked about what I get in AS2 camp in Sukabumi. Previously, I only reported to the Deputy and have a discussion with my friends in the environmentalist training facilitators team.

Afternoon, meeting for preparing another environmentalist training in Medical Faculty.This one is the second special class. Unlike the regular class that takes place every Sunday afternoon, the special training is held based on any available time can be provided by our partner. With the students of Medical faculty association, we agreed to have a two days training. The training would be held next Thursday and Friday (8-9 March). As we've had the overall plan for the training, using appreciative inquiry, all we need to do is modify the approach to fit the allotted time

I've just finished the second meeting now. And back in front of the office's desktop. Good news is, we have an unlimited internet account now. So, it would be all fine for me to blog from the office comp. Hehe... But still, downloads takes almost forever due to the limited bandwidth

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