Monday, March 05, 2007

I've just linked my blog to Blogger Indonesia. I'm trying to build social network here, :). Besides, the name A. Fatih Syuhud had ring a bell in my head. I recall his name as a writer in globalvoicesonline Indonesia. I visited global voices online as I was told about it by Dina, one of my facilitator in Asia Source 2, the queen of blogging. Actually I inted to join it, but I still haven't got any kicking reports about Indonesia to be told in the site. Soon, I'll be there.

Blogger Indonesia


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

That's the first step to get traffic to your blog, built network.

Ela Bona said...

Hi Taibah! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog..Well, now you saw one of the AS2 effects on me..hehe..Nice blog you got here...It's been great working with you on the wiki back at the camp...Miss you wiki partner! :-)

Ithoy said...

Bang Noor: Networking is great deal of fun. I shouldhv done this long long tima ago..even before I blog!

Ela: Talkin' bot wiki, d'u have a copy? Please send me in text editor/notepad. Coz I cannot access the wiki here. Our garden.. :)