Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today, adding more cute stuffs to my blog. The visible one is the tag I put above my personal profile. Isn't it cool? A tree for a present is obviously a cool idea, right? Yeah, I've joined tree-nation also joined tree-nation group in care2

Not only that, I've shared my blog to care2share. It's for my environmentalist passion. For my dream to live in a better, greener and fresher earth

I also interested in sisterhood in the web, so recently I add two sisters in my blogroll. Blogsisters and ecosisters . The first one is interesting because it claimed like this " where men can link, but they can't touch". Another surprise is, I find Anita Roddick as one of the "sisters". This inspiring woman, founder of The Bodyshop, is an activist in her unique way. Ecosisters is a blog managed by some Indonesian women activists. Cool fun entries they've got there . Seems the blog is hybernate coz the latest entry is dated November 2006. ...But it's cool anyway


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

You're getting the hang for it. Keep it up.

Black_Claw said...

Treasure the journey, and don't forget to treasure money, which means, watch out for expensive journey. :D

Ithoy said...

Bang Man: Thanks
Black_claw: Expensive journey? Why not? ...:D