Monday, March 12, 2007

One post per day.. It's a bit hard to do recently.

Actually, there's nothing kept me away from the computer. I still spent some few hours in front of the online computers everyday. And the office's network is now using the unlimited connection with Speedy. So, no posting for the last few days is just because I'm not in the mood to post anything.

At the moment I'm preparing an essay for a competition. The competition is a part of a regency's anniversary celebration. The 4th anniversary of Kabupaten Tanah Bumbu. If it can be a reason, it is the thing kept me away from my blog.

The prize is quite good. 2 million Rupiah for the first prize. But another reward is the top ten work would be published in a book. The book would be launched on the day of the regency's anniversary, 8th April.

My birthday is one day prior that, my writing in the book would be one of the best birthday present I gave to myself, hehe. Even better if I can get the money too, so I can treat my friends then.

Amin. . Thanks. Gotta get back to my first draft now. The deadline is soon.


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

InsyaAllah, you can do it. Talking about book, I'm still waiting for the publisher to send the books to me. And I gonna post it to you as soon as possible. I hope you don't mind the delay.

Ela Bona said...

hi taibah!

good for you..i hope and pray you win it. so that means you're birthday is on april 7, right? Mine is on the 6th! hehe..nice..take care wiki partner..:)

Ithoy said...

B' Man: Thanks. Waiting for your book to reach me thru the snail mail. :) Hei verybody, this guy I know is a book writer!!

Ela: Dear wiki partner, this is what I call made for each other....:) Whadda great co-incident. Lets share a treat, and buy all our online friends an online birthday cake for the both of us ;)