Saturday, June 23, 2007

AS2 in Malaysia...again...

After several posting about Asia Source 2 reunion. From Doc Francis, its my turn to blog about it. Hehehe..

On the pic above, I, Quang, Massoud and Sam. We're gathering on SEACEM Web Video Delivery Workshop. 21-22 June 2007 at Shah's Village Hotel Petaling Jaya Malaysia. My friend said Shah's Village is the NGO hotel. Most workshop held by Malaysian NGO took place on the hotel :)

FYI, Im' posting from KLIA. Waiting for my flight to Jakarta. Chat with Bang Man and Lazuardi on YM. Free Wifi.

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elabona said...'s now ur turn taibah. oh i suddenly missed masud and quang..and of course you and sam.. :-)

hhmm..malaysia has been the meeting hob of AS2nauts these past few weeks..feels really great to be seeing As2nauts again..:-)