Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday...

Selamat Ulang Tahun Kompas Borneo Unlam.
Today, my dear KOMPAS BORNEO is exactly 29 years old. It was established in 1978.

The best I can tell about this organization is the connection that is shared among its members. Many still keep in touch, coz as you get to the entrance you'll have a life-long relationship with all of its members.

Although Kompas Borneo is a student's organization, once you admitted as its'll be a member for good. So, I've always waited the annual birthday celebration. In the event, I'll get along with my brothers and sisters again. Some are as old as my father, and the youngest now are 5-7 years younger than I do...(As I'm now one of the senior, hehe...). Tomorrow's the day! We're the members of Kompas Borneo are gathering back in Unlam's campus in Kayutangi, Banjarmasin. Hope many will come and let's get the party started!

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