Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Seven Chakra

Truly incidental, today's date is 07/07/07 and as I watch Avatar, the legend of Ang on a DVD I borrow from Mang Koko.

Avatar is one of my place to gain lots of words of wisdom. Most are applicable. And I just love this episode I recently watched. The title is 'Guru', one of the episode on the second season of Avatar. Here, Ang is learning to gain the full control of his 'Avatar state', in which he becomes most powerful. And, a guru lead him to open his seven chakra. The chakra's are:

1. Earth Chakra
It deals with strength and is blocked by fear. By surrender all the fear to its nature, we can unleash its energy.

2. Water Chakra
Bring along pleasure and is blocked by guilt. Release all guilt that burdened our soul, accept the reality to release the energy of the chakra. The guru said: 'If you want to bring positive influence on the world, forgive yourself'

3. Fire Chakra
Located on our stomach. I don't really focus on the conversation, but i think it has something to do with self-esteem, cos the energy of the chakra is blocked by shame. The key to unleash the energy of it is..'Don't deny your life'....

4. Heart chakra
Deals with love and is blocked by grief. One should realize that love is an energy. Altough you face the loss of people you love, keep in mind that love actually still inside of your heart. Love then reborn in a form of new love

5. Sound chakra
It is located on one's throat. All about truth, so it is blocked by lies. You cannot lie about your nature. And to release the energy of it, you must accept the nature of your self.

6. Life Chakra
Located on your central forehead. Insight is the energy. Blocked by illution. Stated that the biggest illution is the illution of separation. Well, separation is actually only illution. Realize that 'all connected' would unleash the energy of it

7. Crown Chakra
Located on the crown of your head. It deals with your connection to the unlimited cosmic energy. Earthy attachment blocks the energy. A way to release the energy is by meditating. Trying to let go all the earthy attachments, let them flow away and forgotten. That't the way to let the pure cosmic energy flow into yourself.

I wrote it because the Guru said that by having all the energy of the chakras, we'll have complete control and awareness of all our action in the avatar state. So that I can practice going in and out the Avatar state, he he... :-B

Find out about the seven chakra, and test your chakra energy here
My result is here

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